The power of doing “one more” in an elite mindset can be significant. When an individual has an elite mindset, they believe in their abilities and are willing to push themselves to achieve more. The concept of “one more” refers to going the extra mile and pushing oneself to do just a little bit more. This could be one more rep in the gym, one more lap in a race, or one more hour of studying.

By consistently pushing themselves to do “one more,” individuals with an elite mindset are able to make steady progress towards their goals. This incremental progress, when combined with consistent effort over time, can lead to significant improvement and success. Additionally, the act of doing “one more” can help to build mental toughness, which is essential for success in any field.

In summary, the power of doing “one more” in an elite mindset lies in the ability to consistently push oneself to improve and achieve more, leading to significant progress and success over time.