Be a TEDx Sponsor

We are excited to offer you a one-of-a-kind chance to become a sponsor of TEDx Saltillo, an event that will deeply inspire, teach, and empower our community.

Why should you join TEDx Saltillo?

Visibility: Reach a wide range of thought leaders, influencers, and people who can make a difference, both locally and around the world. You can get a lot of exposure before and during the event by putting your name on marketing materials, getting shoutouts on social media, and being mentioned on our website.

Networking: Get in touch with people and groups that share your desire to make a change in our community. TEDx Saltillo is a place where people can connect and work together meaningfully, leading to long-lasting partnerships and growth possibilities.

Make a real difference by donating money to an event and encouraging people to share ideas and learn from each other.

Customization: Ensure your sponsorship plan fits your needs and goals. We can make a sponsorship package that fits your needs, whether you want to raise knowledge of your brand, connect with important stakeholders, or show that you care about social issues.

We have different sponsorship levels, so groups of all kinds and budgets can join. Your help is essential in making TEDx Saltillo a huge success, whether you choose to be a Presenting Sponsor, Gold Sponsor, Silver Sponsor, or Community Partner.

Help us make the future, and you’ll be known as a person who changes things in our community. We can all inspire each other, develop new ideas, and change lives through the power of ideas.

Don’t hesitate to contact Yves Marc Lemieux at contact@mindengineeringcorporation.com to learn more about partnering with us.

Thanks for considering this great chance to work with TEDx Saltillo. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you to make TEDx Saltillo an event that everyone in our community will remember.

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