Gabriela Duran Rocha

President Of Mind Engineering Corporation

Born and raised in Mexico City. After finishing her bachelor's degree in Business Administration at La Salle University, she decided to move to Montreal Quebec to learn a third language (French) and improve her skills. She has been living in Montreal for the past 16 years balancing her home, family and work. She currently works in the area of Administration of Surgery Planning at a prestigious Hospital in Montreal.
While she was living in Mexico City, she worked for the American company Pactrans International in the area of Finance for 2 years. Responsible for accounts payable and receivable, as well as for the company's bank reconciliations. Opening up an opportunity to work for the Danish company Maersk being the world's largest shipping and logistics company in the world. She started working at the Finance department in the area of Cost Control of their branch in Mexico city for 2 years.
Moving up, she became the Accounts Payable and Receivable Supervisor. After 3 years, she was offered the position of Project Supervisor, whereupon she took on the responsibility of supervising special projects for certain outsourcing companies that Maersk worked with. Part of the projects would be the acquisition of a new logistics system used in Maersk Mexico, including the training of all staff in the Mexico City offices and all port offices.
Responsible for the development of all advertising products as well as the creation and constant updating of their website. After 3 years as Project Supervisor, she was offered the opportunity to be a Customer Service Supervisor, which with all the experience gained during all those years, gave her a wide advantage to improve the department

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